To contribute for a better nation.


To project Dominican art and culture at a national, regional, and global level, thus improving the standard of living of Dominicans through the values ​​that come from a cultural education.




The course of action that makes us trustworthy as people and as an institution.

To maintain coherence among what we believe, say, and do. To act with awareness, transparency, seeking what is right and complying with the laws, regulations, and our institutional policies.


What drives us to make our best effort to conduce to the achievement of a better nation.

It is the heartfelt responsibility to do everything within our power to contribute to bringing alive the mission of the institution and embracing diversity as the essence of the nation’s cultural wealth.



The essential feature of our institutional culture and family tradition: Making a difference while enjoying what we do every day to the fullest.

Dedicating ourselves to working with the greatest enthusiasm, adding value and inspiring by example a culture of excellence and service that exceeds the expectations of the public.



Constantly acting creatively to achieve transformative and sustainable results.

It is the creative generation and dynamic application of new ideas, products, services, and quality practices to produce a greater impact through the programs of the institution.



Working together with others to achieve common purposes.

It is the privilege and responsibility to be part of a collective effort.